Steam game


Stolen Shoes Entertainment

My role

UI design

Unity FX

Level design

Scrum master

Marketing graphics


4-6 Crew members





We build a chaotic multiplayer game, filled with dynamic level mechanics, different robots, and various weapons to help you annihilate your friends! There’s 1 to 4 local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and an option to play with bots.

The game idea started in an FGJ Game Jam when the game had a darker steampunk style and where players fight against waves of enemies on moving platforms. The next step after the feedback was to create a party-like game using the same dynamic level mechanics and a new colorful style.

At the start, my assignment was creating a showcase trailer, Initializing the SteamWorks for the game and developers. Additionally, for the first 2 months, I was the Scrum Master until we changed it to the originally planned personnel. After this, I started making an interactive UI in Unity up till we changed it to a more traditional style or non-intractable with characters.

Whenever we got more progress on the project I did the marketing graphics for social media and Steam. At the end of the project, I’ve made a few more trailers, two levels including lighting, post-processing, adding some basic animation for the platforms, some particle- and shader effects using Unity shader graph.

Marketing graphics

User interface

Level design

Unity FX